Tageblatt reports on Softripe Technolgie at the Landgard site in Rade


Avocados and bananas are now ripening in Rade (Tageblatt 25.09.19)

"... In Rade, Landgard is the first company in Europe to use a newly developed ripening technology for the first time, which was ultimately also decisive for the move from the previous location on the Hamburg wholesale market to Rade and the expansion there: the Softripe process allows the company to expand its trade to the entire spectrum of fruit from overseas, explains Averhoff..."

Cover of Eurofruit in autumn colours held with tree in the picture


Softripe spreads its wings

Report in Eurofruit September 2019

Softripe is mentioned in a report in the Freshplaza



Managing Director Dipl. Ing. Roland Wirth with Innovation Award 2019 in the Produce Report


Softripe® Brings Ripeness to Fruit in a Natural Way

"Fruit Logistica’s 2019 Silver Innovation Award was given to the German firm Frigotec for its “Softripe® Ripening Technology.” Trade visitors were impressed by this natural and energy-saving ripening technology for bananas and other tropical fruit. After winning the award, Roland Wirth, General Manager of Frigotec, sat down for an interview with Produce Report at Fruit Logistica 2019 in Berlin..."

Text about Softripe in the Fruchtportal



Softripe next step in ripening technology


Avocados ripened with the Softripe system in Fresh Focus


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