Quality versus crisis (Fruchthandel Magazin/Fruitlogistica)

TFC Holland has decided to use Softripe® systems at the new facility


Special Fruit fights food waste

Taste is rated 25 percent better than conventional avocados "Special Fruit's Softripe ripening cells have revealed in consumer surveys that taste is rated 25 per cent better than conventional avocados, mainly due to the stronger nutty flavour. The inner and outer appearance are also rated at least eight percent better, and the shelf life is extended by seven days. Softripe is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology that has an even better fruit quality and a significantly longer shelf life, even without the use of additives. This reduces fruit waste to a minimum. In addition, the research firm FreshInsight conducted an analysis of consumer needs that fits well with what Softripe aims to achieve. Consumers usually prefer the ripeness of the fruit when choosing avocados. They are most bothered by brown spots in the flesh, an RTE product that does not deliver what it promises, and plastic packaging material. They prefer cardboard. When it comes to quality, what matters most is smoothness, homogeneity and also colour. The taste should be particularly nutty. Softripe also presented some newer technologies to the consumer panel, such as coating to extend shelf life. Coating is perceived as unhealthy and unnecessary. The preference is for a ripening process where the fruit ripens from the inside out - without additives. In short, softripe is the natural way to reduce food waste and increase consumer satisfaction, so shoppers grab more often and the category performs better."


Softripe and value chain

Falk Schlusnus (CEO of TFC Holland B.V.) talks about the positive, proven experience with our patented Softripe technology in the special issue of PRIMEUR (36th year , May 2022). Note: Softripe is the only technology in the world that reacts to the needs of the fruit with dynamic parameters during the ripening process. The resulted, almost natural, biological ripening process has, besides energy savings, decisive advantages, such as: - better quality - longer shelf life - less product loss. Falk Schlusnus says in the interview about the Softripe technology, among other things: "It enables us to bring perfectly ripened mangoes and avocados with a significantly longer shelf life to our customers' shelves."


UK FOOD VALLEY BULLETIN - Softripe® System at Worldwide Fruit

...Board said: “Softripe® now ensures we have a more consistent, superior product and has enabled us to remove the secondary grading from our processes. Along with the reduced ripening cycles, there are clear benefits to producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers.” Prior to Softripe®, over 489 tons of product was wasted by destructive testing during the traditional method of ripening and sampling process...


Softripe as a standard for ripening fresh mangoes

TFC is convinced that eating ripe mangoes will become the norm. "That is why we have been working with Softripe technology for mangoes for several months," explains Falk. "Our ripeners now achieve edible fruit of consistent, truly excellent quality."


Fruchthandel Special - Taste matters


Softripe avocado ripening plant sets new standards

... "Worldwide Fruit took the lead in England last year and after the first test chamber and successful trials and validation, ordered further large Softripe ripening chamber systems", explains Roland Wirth, Frigotec GmbH. "The system in England was delivered and installed together with our local partner JD-Cooling". With this new ripening plant, larger quantities of avocados in soft-ripening quality will for the first time come onto the British food retail market." ...


Ripening standard for avocados (Freshplaza)

At this year's Fruit Logistica, Frigotec presented not only bananas, but also avocados in particular, which were ripened using the new Softripe process. The visitors to the stand were convinced, and for Managing Director Roland Wirth it was a success: "My impression is that this trade fair appearance has shown the importance of the Softripe technology for the fruit world very well".


Frigotec GmbH starts a revolution in avocado ripening

German market leader in ripening is prepared to go worldwide after they introduced revolutionary technology Softripe® for fruits like avocados and Bananas at Fruit Logistica in Berlin. After 5 years of research and trials in Brazil and Germany...more


Softripe presents new Avocado-Ripening-Quality

Published in Fruchthandel Magazin 04/2020 in German language


Frigotec's Softripe "sets standard"

German group Frigotec will present avocados ripened by its Softripe technology at Fruit Logistica 2020, following successful trials in Brazil and England...more

Tageblatt reports on Softripe Technolgie at the Landgard site in Rade


Avocados and bananas now ripen in Rade (Tageblatt 25.09.19)

"... In Rade, Landgard is the first company in Europe to use a newly developed ripening technology for the first time, which was ultimately also decisive for the move from the previous location on the Hamburg wholesale market to Rade and the expansion there: the Softripe process allows the company to expand its trade to the entire spectrum of fruit from overseas, explains Averhoff..."

Cover of Eurofruit in autumn colours held with tree in the picture


Softripe spreads its wings

Report in Eurofruit September 2019

Avocados ripened with the Softripe system in Fresh Focus


Fresh Focus

Softripe is mentioned in a report in the Freshplaza



Managing Director Dipl. Ing. Roland Wirth with Innovation Award 2019 in the Produce Report


Softripe® Brings Ripeness to Fruit in a Natural Way

"Fruit Logistica’s 2019 Silver Innovation Award was given to the German firm Frigotec for its “Softripe® Ripening Technology.” Trade visitors were impressed by this natural and energy-saving ripening technology for bananas and other tropical fruit. After winning the award, Roland Wirth, General Manager of Frigotec, sat down for an interview with Produce Report at Fruit Logistica 2019 in Berlin..."

Text about Softripe in the Fruchtportal



Softripe next step in ripening technology


Softripe is mentioned in a report in the Freshplaza



Text about Softripe in the Fruchtportal