Successful market launch

After 5 years of research and development, Softripe® Technology was successfully launched on the market in 2018. Decide on the future of fruit ripening yourself. Suited to your company and tailored to your requirements, we are able to offer you the future-proof Softripe® ripening system.

Why choose Softripe technology?

  • for complete control over the fruit ripening process

  • for natural fruit ripening without stress for the fruits

  • for significantly better fruit quality

Banana colour sensor

... for automatically determining the colour/ripeness, according to the banana color scale.


Determined by a colour camera, a value is displayed depending on the degree of ripeness and colour gradient. This value reflects the current level of ripeness as a decimal value, according to the standard colour tables.

The system consists of a camera head which is connected to the digital display via a cable.


The advantage of this is that a colour measurement is generated as a reference, which is always the same after the basic calibration. Colour changes can also be measured on account of the display (with decimal places). These are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. The colour sensor unit is available as a portable version or as a fixed installation in a ripening chamber.