Softripe® ripening chambers

Softripe ripening chambers range from one to multi-storey pallet levels and can be manufactured according to customer requirements, in individual designs. The chambers are built in CA gas-tight quality and equipped with special CA gas-tight gates. The tightness of the cells and gates cannot be compared with conventional ripening chambers. In classical ripening, one only speaks of gas-tight chambers and gates, since an ethylene gas concentration is to be maintained in the ripening chamber over a short period of time.


Single-level ripening chamber

Double-level ripening chamber

In order to achieve a fully controlled atmosphere for optimal fruit ripening, additional technical equipment is required, such as nitrogen generators and CO2 adsorbers, as well as various other necessary components. These devices have been used for a long time in modern fruit storage (e.g. for apples), work reliably and have proven their worth.


The air flow and temperature control (heating and cooling) have been significantly optimized. Humidity levels of up to 98% can be achieved without additional humidification in the ripening chamber. Thus, the optimally high tropical humidity desired for the fruit is achieved - without additional energy input.

Each Softripe® ripening chamber is also a fully fleged CA warehouse. More about this can be found under the menu item Softripe® technology.
We develop turnkey Softripe® maturing systems depending on customer requirements and the types/quantities of fruit.


A ripening chamber for different fruits

Softripe® chambers are suitable for ripening different types of fruit.