Softripe® is completely different from conventional fruit ripening systems.
While traditional ripening systems require a fixed ripening program, Softripe responds to the needs of the fruit.


The fruits (e.g. bananas or avocados) are in a gastight, closed chamber.

Through continuous measurement of the gas concentrations in the chamber (oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and ethylene (C2H4)), the physiological state of the fruit is determined by means of the respiratory activity (change of the values).


Through this "communication", the optimum ripening conditions of the fruit are dynamically calculated and adjusted. 

The air temperature and the O2, CO2, C2H4 concentration in the chamber are permanently controlled. The fruit determines the required state of the atmosphere. By automatically setting the desired parameters, it is able to ideally ripen "stress-free".


The result is better fruit quality in terms of taste, shelf life,
uniformity and lower energy consumption.


Sales flexibility

If the sales markets change, the fruit can be stored under a CA atmosphere up to the scheduled delivery date without ripening significantly.

Through this, losses and complaints can be reduced to a minimum.

Softripe® – Technological advantages

  • fully automatic and easy to use
  • uniform and continuous ripening quality in the chamber
  • significantly shorter ripening times and significant energy savings


The United Nations has set itself and thus all countries, the goal of halving food losses worldwide by 2030.
(Source: Fruchthandel Warenkunde, Aktualisierte Neuauflage Band 1, 2019