The patented ripening technology is completely different from previous fruit ripening systems. While conventional ripening systems subject the fruit to a fixed ripening program, Softripe responds to the needs of the fruit.



The fruits are placed in a gas-tight, closed chamber. Continuous measurement of the gas concentrations of oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and ethylene (C2H4) in the chamber is used to determine the plant physiological condition of the fruit via the respiratory activity (change in values). This "communication" allows a dynamic calculation and adjustment of optimal fruit ripening conditions (air temperature, O2, CO2 and C2H4 concentration). The fruit itself determines the required state of the atmosphere and by automatically setting the optimal parameters it is able to ripen ideally "stress-free".



Technological advantages

Fully automatic

Conventional ripening methods often give uneven ripening results - too hard, too little flavor, uneven color appearance.... Softripe focuses on the atmosphere in the chamber so that the result of the fruit is almost identical.



The main advantage of Softripe is clearly reflected in the time saved. In addition to significantly shorter ripening times, an enormous amount of time is saved in post-treatment. Sorting machines or refilling the chamber with unripe fruit are no longer necessary.


Shorter ripenings combined with the latest intelligent software and hardware mean that only as much energy is consumed as is actually needed. Savings of up to 30%* per maturation compared to conventional systems are proven practice (*depending also on external factors).



If the sales markets change, the fruit can be stored under a CA atmosphere until the scheduled delivery day, without ripening significantly further. Losses and complaints can thus be reduced to a minimum.


One chamber, many possibilities. A big advantage of our Softripe ripening chambers is that you can ripen many different types of fruit in them. In addition, due to their built-in components, the chambers can be used as a normal cold room or even as a CA storage room.



After the chamber has been loaded and ripening started manually, the entire ripening process runs automatically and autonomously. Operations such as repeated checking of the fruit quality are completely eliminated.


Differences compared to conventional ripening technology?


In conventional ripening methods fixed, standardized time and parameter programs are applied without taking account into the physiological requirements of the fruit in question. The fruit is ripened under stress.


At Softripe, the ripening process is controlled by next-generation intelligent software. The fruit is fully monitored at all times to ripen stress-free. All natural air and respiratory gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and the fruit gas ethylene are permanently controlled and optimally adjusted for the fruit being ripened.


Due to the completely airtight chamber required by Softripe, the current state of the fruit can be determined via the fruit respiration activity. This process is comparable to the measurement of pulse or heart rate in humans.